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WORDKIT™ 750+ Words & Phrases

WORDKIT™ 750+ Words & Phrases

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Enhance your creativity and thinking skills with the AD WORDKIT™

Over 750+ words & sayings from authentic newspapers and vintage archives.

Ever found yourself with a fresh open PS document without a thought in your head? Worry not! The WORDKIT™ is here to help. Made to supplement your creative thinking and level up your designs, a must have for any experimental designer.

The WORDKIT™ is an extensive set of assets from the vaults of Another Dept, crafted from an authentic newspaper clippings, archive collections and much more. The WORDKIT™ is here to help when ideas run low.

✅ 1 free texture included

✅ Authentically sourced vintage assets

1 downloadable .zip with over 750 assets

✅ Hi-Res 300 DPI

✅ Both clear PNG + cutout options

✅ Drag and drop

✅ Instant digital delivery

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