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FILMDUST 50+ Texture Scans

FILMDUST 50+ Texture Scans

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FILMDUST is the best way to add subtle, authentic grain to your projects.

Made for layering and experimentation, enabling designs with detailed and rich textures.

Choose from over 50+ authentic dust scans and textures. Meticulously crafted at the lab at Another Dept™ for ease of use in your projects. Made from dozens of hi-res scans, for that authentic dusty look.

Another Dept texture packs are made for designers -  for professionals, beginners and any creative folk in between. Just drag and drop into your projects from over 50 texture options.

Pairs perfectly with both the WORDKIT and Another Alphabet™ for complete poster design goodness. 

✅ Authentically sourced vintage assets

 1 downloadable .zip with over 50 textures

✅ Hi-Res 600 DPI

✅ Drag and drop

✅ Instant digital delivery

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